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Sonja Petrović, Ruriko Yoshida

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The Journal of Algebraic Statistics , the first journal dedicated to algebraic statistics, is an international electronic journal which is devoted to original research articles in the theory and application of algebraic statistics. This journal publishes articles that demonstrate high quality research results in algebraic statistics and related computational aspects including applications to biological and related sciences. The Journal welcomes research at the intersection of algebra, and statistics or operations research; specific topics might include algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, lattice theory, optimization, Markov bases, multivariate analysis, and Bayesian analysis.

Algebraic Statistics, as a defined field of study, is less than a decade old – it’s precise scope is still emerging. Historically, algebraic statistics has been used to simply indicate the use of algebra to advance statistical research – it began as far back as Sir R.A. Fisher, who used theory of Abelian groups for experimental design. However, since the turn of the century, the field has become more specialized and focused on application of algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, and geometric combinatorics to the study of statistical models for discrete and Gaussian random variables that are algebraic in nature.
Many of the motivating problems in algebraic statistics arise from problems in computational biology – hence, the Journal of Algebraic Statistics is an all-encompassing forum dedicated to bringing together researchers from a variety of interwoven fields including: statisticians, algebraists, mathematical biologists, geometers, system biologists, and others.

ISSN 1309-3452
Launched: January 2010
The journal is published annually.